Hole 30

I was feeling very uninspired this week, doing everything else BUT write this blog.  I mean, I took these pictures weeks ago!  The draft for this blog post has been sitting here on my Squarespace, a bitter reminder of my inability to actually follow thru on goals I set for myself.  Then, Monday night, LIGHTBULB!  We went to Musical Mondays at Sidetrack in Boystown.  And yes, it's JUST as gay as it sounds.  It's always a guarantee that I'm going to see 2 people I want to see and 5 people I don't whenever I go to Musical Mondays.  It's like walking into a trap every time.  Anyway, my friend Alissa ordered an Angry Orchard at the bar, and I had a very primetime drama-like flashback.  I came to, and thought to myself, "Oh my god, this sad world needs Peacoats and Poppers!"  

A little context, one time when I was like 12 or 13 my parents went to Hawaii without me.  To make that a little more salty, I was also the lead role in a musical called HONK!  I played the Ugly Duckling and without my parents love and support from the audience I felt both ugly inside and out, but that's neither here nor there.  They hired a babysitter to watch me and drive me around and stuff and the only thing that I actually remember from that week is when she took me to the liquor store and told me that I could pick something for myself.  Cute!  I decided to go with a 6 pack of something called Angry Orchard.  "Alcoholic apple juice?  Sounds yummy," my prepubescent self thought.  My babysitter and her friend spent the rest of the night calling me a pussy for drinking a pussy drink, so needless to say I learned my lesson.  When Alissa ordered said pussy drink, it jogged my memory, and most importantly, got these old creative juices flowing.  So thanks Alissa!  ;)

Everybody's got their personal style.  Whether you're a New York socialite who's got a bevy of jackets, scarves, shoes for every occasion, and it's so easy for you to throw together a look that's got everybody on Instagram commenting, "Love it! 🔝🔝🔝"  Or you're a little rawr xxx xoxo girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin wearing black checkered Vans and twisting the purple streak in your hair around your tiny little finger.  Or you're like me!  I throw on the first thing I grab in my closet, put on a pair of wrinkly American Eagle jeans, and lace up brown worker boots that should have been thrown away years ago (two to be exact).  They are actually so gross and beat up that I'm wearing them for the play I'm in right now where I play a dirty punk Irish kid.  Come check out their final performance at the Athenaeum Theatre in The Beauty Queen of Leenane, February 23rd thru March 25th.  See dad, I'm working!!  I actually do really love this turtleneck.  My grandma knitted it for my mom and I stole it from my mom so I have a strong sentimental attachment to it.  The amount of times I've worn it out is 0.  Thanks G-Ma!  RIP!

Everybody's doing Whole 30 and I just ate a whole pizza!  No, seriously, I feel like 75% of the people I know are doing some kind of weird diet, whether its Whole 30, Paleo, Seattle Suttons, and I'm sitting over here scratching my scalp like, "why?"  I know science says if you eat better you feel better, but I just eat like shit, feel like shit, but as long as I'm having fun then who cares if I have a heart attack at age 35??  My current diet consists of microwave-heated Paneer Tikka Masala from Trader Joes (which I'm still not entirely sure what paneer is), smelly grapes, knock-off 7-Up called Mist Twist, and a million healthy things that I buy from the grocery store that I never actually eat and have to throw out because they get moldy and spoiled.  My manager at work is always making snide remarks about how I always come in starving, but my theory is if you're not starving then you're not WINNING!  

Let's just say that when I DO eat, I like to not pay for it.  That philosophy leads to a lot of crumbs in my pockets if you know what I mean.  The hot bar at Plum Market is where I really go crazy.  It's like a game for me: how many egg rolls can I stuff into my pants?  Can I get away with buying a 1 dollar meatball that they put a price sticker on and then fill the rest of the box to the brim with other stuff?  Look, I know this might not be the most fool-proof idea, but I'm just trying to give my avid readers a few pointers on how to save when they grocery shop!  I think my thieving ways stems back to when I used to work at Cold Stone.  Yes, I worked at Cold Stone.  No, I never sang for people who tipped.  Yes, I still took those tips.  If you dig deep into my Instagram you'll find a bunch of pictures I took of different creations I made at Cold Stone which, if I say so myself, surpassed the stores' own creations and more so.  Fuck Birthday Cake Remix, it sucks.  The amount of buckets of ice cream I would take home was actually disgusting, but my summer there could whole heartedly be titled "A Stoner's Dream."

The last thing I'll say before I wrap it up is how important I think it is to shop LOCAL people!! Check out this little bodega that I took these pictures at, for instance.  It's on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted, nestled in the heart of Boystown, and the employees here are so charming, the ambience is so Chicago-chique, it is not to be missed.  Why grocery shop in a boring Whole Foods when you'll miss out on the questionable pizza they've been heating for 5 days at 7/11!  Pick up a pack of Marbolo's and you'll really feel like GiGi Hadid.  You go, girl!  Alright so that's it.  It's my birthday weekend this weekend, did you know?  Ok, so no big gifts, ok, I'm not asking for much.  All I ask is that you donate to a cause that's near and dear to my heart, my personal Venom account.  If you could send anywhere between 5-20 dollars, you'd be helping an amazing little boy have an unforgettable 25th birthday.  Till next time!

May your buttons be as loose as your butt hole,

Love, Peacoats and Poppers

photos by Stephen Davalos 

photos by Stephen Davalos