Another week, another swollen tonsil.  Strep throat that is.  I know what you're going to say, "go get your tonsils out blah blah blah" yeah yeah I've heard it all before.  My personal motto when it comes to my ol' pal streppy is to never let it get in the way of you having fun!  This past Halloween I had strep throat and it ruined my really creative costume idea (stay tuned for Halloween 2017) but when one door closes another one opens as they say.  With some last minute purchases from CVS and the costume store, wah-la!  I went as bird flu, complete with a feather boa and a medical mask and amoxicillin in my back pocket.  I also had strep at Lollapalooza two years ago and would like to formally apologize to anyone who I may have infected but what was I supposed to do, stay home??  That's very off brand for me!

Check out this cool mural I'm leaning on and looking away.  Don't I look like I just couldn't give a fuck if I tried??  So cool!  Shout out to Lisa, the doctor at the Walgreens minute clinic on Diversey and Clark who when I came in greeted me with a big smile and said, "I remember you!"  We've had this ongoing relationship for a while now and I can confidently say that she's treated my strep at least four times now.  I'm probably keeping her in business, that silly Lisa!  She was also the doctor that treated my Strepapalooza two years ago and when I told her I was going to the festival she said, "Well, I wouldn't recommend it and I would say DEFINITELY don't drink."  Aye aye doc! ;) 

I've never been much of a thrifter.  As we've discussed you'll usually find me in American Eagle garb that my mom bought for me ten years ago.  I thought I rocked it, but I guess not?  Cut to this week, I thought I'd give thrifting a try and wow did I love it!!  I went to Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park (a little bit of a cheat when it comes to thrifting I think, but regardless) where I tried to sell some clothes.  The only thing they took was this long sleeve collar shirt that I never wore because people said I looked like Steve from Blues Clues which I wholeheartedly hope found a good home with somebody who can appreciate it and doesn't have such rude ass friends.  Of course out of all the interesting finds they had there, what I walked out with was this…

I've only owned one piece of clothing from Hollister in my entire life and you're looking at it.  Hollister always scared me as a youth.  To me their stores remind me of haunted houses but more beach?  I saw this little guy tucked among the tee shirts and I asked the girl at the front desk if it was kinda cute and ironic and she said, "For you, totally."  We'd had a prior conversation about my blog so I'm gonna choose to believe that she was referring to my brand and not being a total bitch.  She seemed so nice??

I've also never been one to wear ripped up jeans, especially ones that are sooooo ripped like these are.  I found them at Zara on sale and I thought, why not add a little angst to my look!  They are gonna be perfect for the summer, and they already are perfect for this 70 degree global warming induced February we are having rn.  I guess today's post is all about jumping out of your comfort zone!  Do something new, and even if you have an incredibly contagious infection, throw caution to the wind and go for it!  Like, look at me, I'm on top of a gross dumpster!  Like I'm not sick enough!  Till next time!

May your buttons be as loose as your butt hole,

Love, Peacoats and Poppers