Artwork by David Hagen

Artwork by David Hagen

Directed by Nora Lise Ulrey, the Chicago Premiere of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s (Riverdale & The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) 2006 play DARK MATTERS will be performed at the Rogers Park Women’s Club January 10th through January 27th

Ann Sonneville - Michael Carey - Nick Shank - Scott Olson


Exit 63’s 2019 Season - UNHINGED


Associate Artistic Director Nora Lise Ulrey kicks off the 2019 season by directing the Chicago premiere of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s DARK MATTERS.  In an isolated house at the edge of a cornfield, in the mountains of Virginia, something almost beyond belief is happening to the Cleary family. When Bridget Cleary goes missing, in the dead of the night, her husband Michael and son, Jeremy, scramble to help Sheriff Richard Egan find her. Then, as suddenly as she vanished, Bridget reappears, talking about strange visitations and otherworldly beings. Is she lying? Or are supernatural forces at work? With an original score by Donny Walker and MindExchange Music, LLC, costume design by Uriel Gomez and an immersive lighting design by David Goodman-Edberg, Exit 63’s DARK MATTERS will be performed in Rogers Park. January 10 - January 27

Wolves: A Predatory Fairy Tale

The season continues with the Chicago premiere of Steve Yockey’s WOLVES, directed by Derek Van Barham. Two men's folie à deux overtakes their small apartment and spills out onto city streets. When ex-boyfriend Jack brings a strange man home to woodland-obsessed Ben’s apartment, the Narrator can barely keep a lid on the looming violence.This “deconstruction” of the Little Red Riding Hood story is a darkly comic, predatory fairy tale for adults that explores the conflation of sex and fear in modern culture, the comfort of lava lamps, and the dangers of a handy axe. WOLVES will be performed at Jackalope’s Frontier Space in Edgewater. May 16 - June 2

Horse Girls

Exit 63 wraps up its season with Jenny Rachel Weiner’s 2013 play HORSE GIRLS. Directed by Artistic Director Connor Baty. BoYz may come and Go, bUt hOrSes aRe 4ever…  Twelve-year-old Ashleigh rules the Lady Jean Ladies, South Florida’s most exclusive horse club. News that her family’s stables are being sold and their horses killed for meat throws the Ladies into crisis in this dark comedy of middle school deception and lies. The dark comedy infiltrates the world of pre-teens, their obsessions, their insecurities, their desperate need to find a place in the world and, of course, <3 horses <3.  Exit 63’s HORSE GIRLS will be performed at the Greenhouse Theater. September 5 - September 22